African pygmy hedgehog

Where Do Hedgehogs Live?

Hedgehogs live in different areas of the world in different climates and habitats, both in the wild and as pets in homes. We’ll give you the overview of where wild hedgehogs live, as well as how hedgehogs are able to live in homes as pets.

What Parts of the World are Hedgehogs Found in?

There are around 17 species of hedgehogs which are native to either Africa, Asia, or Europe. Later, they were introduced into the wild in New Zealand.

Hedgehogs are not found in the wild in North America, and the African Pygmy hedgehog was domesticated and brought over to the U.S. as pets in the 1980’s. They were brought to Australia as pets, as well.

Where do Hedgehogs Live in Africa?

In Africa, native hedgehogs can be found in dry climates all the way across the central and Eastern portions of the continent. They thrive in areas where the are large supplies of insects and warm temperatures.

African hedgehogs tend to avoid swamp and dense forest areas and typically stick to grassy, rocky or woodland areas.

Because of the warm conditions in Africa, these breeds of hedgehogs typically will not need to hibernate during the winter months.


Where do Hedgehogs Live in Europe?

European Hedgehogs can be found in several areas around Europe, including the UK, Spain and Portugal, Italy, France, and portions of the Nordic countries.

These “common hedgehogs” are typically found in habitats made of grasslands, woodlands or meadows, typically closer to border areas near humans rather than in the remote wild.

Hedgehogs are quite commonly seen in gardens in the United Kingdom. They’re known as a gardener’s friend, because they eat a lot of the garden insects along with snails and slugs that could be harmful to flowers.

These garden hedgehogs may make a home in your yard, creating a nest out of leaves and logs. It is okay to feed these garden friends hedgehog-safe foods and provide them with water if you’d like to keep them coming back to your yard.

Since the climate in Europe gets chilly in the late fall and winer months, European hedgehogs will hibernate in order to survive the cold.

Where do Hedgehogs Live in Asia?

Hedgehogs native to Asia are known as “long-eared hedgehogs” and can be found throughout central Asia and portions of the Middle East. Native countries include China, Russia, Turkey Ukraine, and down through the Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan and Iran, along with several other countries.

These hedgehogs try to avoid the desserts and mountain terrains found in these areas, favoring moderate climates. They tend to thrive in areas closer to human civilizations, in grassy areas, near forests or close to water sources.

How Should Domesticated Hedgehogs Be Kept?

Domesticated hedgehogs, African Pygmy Hedgehogs, come from areas of Africa. They are accustomed to warm climates, and should be kept in warm temperatures in your home (around 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit).