Pet Hedgehog Spotlight: Spyke, Pyper + Owner Abby

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Today we have our very first Pet Hedgehog Spotlight interview with owner Abby and her hedgehogs Spyke and Pyper.

Abby was kind enough to share some answers about owning a hedgehog and tips for future hedgehog owners. These beautiful photos of Spyke were taken by Abby’s dad, Ryan.

How long have you had Spyke?

I have had Spyke for at least 1 1/2 yrs.

What made you decide you wanted a hedgehog as a pet?

My dad wanted one as a child, so we got one him for Father’s Day. But we loved him so we bought another (Pyper, a female).

pet hedgehog care photo 2

How would you describe Spyke’s personality?

He’s arrogant, shy, funny, and weird

What’s your favorite part about being a hedgehog owner?

I love everything about it!

Any tips for future hedgehog owners?

Hedgehogs love to eat crickets and mealworms. They need a wheel for exercise, they need somewhere  to sleep like a house. They need to be bathed, which I would do in a plastic container with warm water. You could get a toothbrush and baby shampoo and brush the quills until they’re clean.


Thank you Abby for sharing your hedgehogs with us! If you’re a hedgehog owner and would like to get your hedgehog in the spotlight, we’d love to hear from you at { }.

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