How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost?

hedgehog price photoOne of the first things to consider when thinking about getting a pet hedgehog is the expenses of owning a hedgehog.

The cost of your hedgehog will vary depending on the source you get your hedgehog from, and what color hedgehog you would like. Believe it or not, the sex of the hedgehog typically does not make a difference in price, but when buying from a breeder, color can make a huge difference!

(It’s also important to keep the costs of hedgehog care in mind. This can vary as well, depending on the supplies you choose for his habitat.)

So, we’ll take a look at the average cost of a hedgehog in the United States to give you a good estimate of how much you may be looking at paying in total depending on the color of the hedgehog and the sources you can get your hedgehog from.

A hedgehog can cost anywhere between $150-$300. If you do find a hedgehog at a lower price, make sure to be very diligent in checking that the hedgehog doesn’t have any health issues that are causing him to be sold at such a low price. You can check out our “Questions to Ask Hedgehog Breeders” guides to make sure you’re getting a great hedgehog for your money.

How much do hedgehogs cost from breeders?

The price of hedgehogs from breeders varies depending on the individual hedgehog’s color. Can be born with one of over 90 different colors. Here, we’ve grouped colors into larger categories.

The rarer the color, the more expensive the baby hedgehog will be at most breeders. You may find some breeders, though, do charge the same price for all hedgehogs, regardless of color (typically $200 – $225) The prices shown below are averages based on our research of pricing from many breeders across the country:

  • Salt & Pepper (standard, most common color) – $150-$200
  • Cinnamon (lighter version of salt & pepper) – $150-$200

  • Apricot (light orange, red eyes)- $200 – $225

  • Champagne (“blonde” color) – $200 – $225

  • Pinto (patches of black and white)- $175 – $250

  • Algerian – $175-$250

  • Snowflake (mostly white quills) – $200-$275

  • White (rare) – $250-$275

  • Albino (white with red eyes – very rare) – $275-$300

  • Black (very rare) – $275-$300

To find out the specific cost of a hedgehog in your area, you may want to do a Google search for local hedgehog breeders and check out the costs on their websites.

How much do hedgehogs cost from pet stores?

Hedgehogs can be found in limited pet stores around the country (in states where it is legal to buy and own hedgehogs), and are typically $150-$200. 

While this may be slightly less than from a breeder in some cases, it is still a much safer bet to spend a small amount more to get a healthy, well cared for hedgehog from a reputable breeder.


Do you own a hedgehog already? We’d love to hear what state you got your hedgehog and if your hedgehog fell in these price ranges!

Thank you, Charlotte Hu Photography, for the hedgehog photo featured above!

11 thoughts on “How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost?

  1. Megan

    I always thought that pet hedgehogs cost a lot more because they are seen as “exotic” in a sense. It’s great to learn that I can actually afford one and will be looking to purchase one very soon. Thanks for your help on this one.

  2. Shawn Watkins

    I got a female hedge hog from a friend and next thing I know she has 4 babies was not prepared any suggestions are welcome never had one before.

  3. Jenny Denham

    We got out female in CO, last year for $75… She was 8 months old… The breeder was getting out of the business & was just trying to get rid of everything… We are getting a boy soon from a friends son in law… We now live in FL…

  4. Audina

    Hello I am from Indonesia, I think that hedgehogs are very very cheap in indonesia. It’s about $30 – $100. And I have two hedgehogs. 🙂

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